Egg Yolks To Crack You Up

Eggstremely Good Puns!

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How do you throw an egg at a wall without breaking it?

Does not matter eggs do not break walls!

Why does the French man only eat one egg for breakfast?

Because one egg is en-œuf!

What is an egg's favorite type of coffee?

An eggspresso!

What did the egg say to the comedian?

You crack me up!

How do hunters like their eggs?


What happened to the rooster at work?

He was frierd!

What happens when eggs get a cold?

They get a runny yolk!

How do chickens stay fit?

By eggsercise!

What was Christopher Columbegg?

An eggsplorer!

How do eggs leave a building?

Through the eggsit!

Why are eggstremists so dangerous?

Because they don't yolk around with eggsplosives!

What train do chickens go on?

The yolk eggspress!

How did the chicken feel after a long day?


Why should you be careful around egg whites?

They can't take a yolk!

What do you call a scared egg?


Why did the egg fail school?

He did not study for the eggsam

Why do people love having hard-boiled eggs for breakfast?

They are so hard to beat!

Why did the celebrity egg start losing friends?

They called her a shell out!

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